Over 1000 Fans Register to Escort Cranes to Nairobi

More than 1000 Ugandans football fans have registered to escort the Cranes to the Kenya capital Nairobi for the African Cup of Nations qualifying match. Moses Magogo, FUFA Technical Officer says that Kenya Football Association has only allocated Uganda 1000 tickets

Magogo says that unless the Kenya Football Association increases the number of ticket many Ugandan fans are likely to miss out on the match because of the limited tickets.

He says that FUFA has started discussing with the Kenyan Football Association to increase the number of tickets for Ugandan fans.

Magogo says that they informed James Bakabulindi, the minister of sports about the number of the limited tickets before he left for the common wealth games in India.

He says that FUFA is hopeful that the Kenyan Football Association will increase the number of tickets allocated to the Ugandan fans. Magogo says that it is the responsibility of FUFA to ensure that none of the Ugandan fan is locked out of the stadium.