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Over 65% of Amolatar’s Road Network Ravaged by floods :: Uganda Radionetwork

Over 65% of Amolatar’s Road Network Ravaged by floods

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Geoffrey Ocen, the District LCV chairperson says over 65% of the entire road network in the district has been affected by the floods. Adding that their attempts to fix it has been futile since the water levels keeps rising.
Women boarding a canoe to cross the flooded road

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Over 65 percent of the road network in Amolatar district is unmotorable because of the high-water levels in Lake Kyoga, which has submerged several roads.

The flooding has equally affected community roads under the district and those under Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA). Currently, some of the roads can only be accessed by small canoes.


For example, the 1km road leading to Namasale landing site in Namusale sub-county, the biggest landing site in the District is submerged despite efforts by the district to upgrade it. Currently, the district is spending UGX15.2m on swamp-filling.

Other roads like Nalubwoyo to Opir that connects to Amolatar town council, Ocambole Otiti Swamp, Akwon to Otangocinge connecting to Amai hospital, Ojem to Otwal trading center which connects to Awelo secondary school are flooded and impassable.


Geoffrey Ocen, the Amolator District LC V chairperson, says that their attempts to fix the road network have been futile since the water levels keep rising.


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Ocen says that they have done an assessment and asked for assistance from the central government to work on some of the flooded roads that cannot be handled by the district.


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//Cue in: “There are those roads…

Cue out: … community access roads.”//

According to Ocen, the district will use some of the available resources to work on a few roads such as corner kiring swamp, Abalodyang to Akwon trading center then to Okiji landing site, center corner Atudu to Agoga.  

Geoffrey Aluso, a resident of Corner Atudu who believes that the water level will keep on increasing, says instead of working on the roads, the district should provide more boats to ease transportation.

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Businessmen in Abalodyang trading center says they are stuck with their merchandise because they cannot reach their business center in Amai trading center.

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Cue out: … dong bedo ape.”  

Esther Amadi, an elderly woman says riding on canoes is risky because most of the times they are overloaded. She wants the government to grade the roads in order to ease transport.

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Cue out:  … room kwo kede.”//  

Nicholas Ebong, a resident of Ocamolum village, says the flooded roads are not only affecting business but also the health of their family members because they cannot reach the health facility on time in case of emergency.

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Cue out: … ongolo wa oko.”//

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