Pader School Drop-Out Rate Increases

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The rate of school drop out has in Pader district has increased significantly, after the world food program-WFP cut off the school feeding program.

Florence Lamunu, the district secretary for education, says that her office has so far received disappointing reports from 70 schools. Most of the reports show a steady decline in school attendance.

Lamunu says pupils are running a way from school because of hunger while others have relocated to some primary schools which still have some WFP relief supplies.

The World Food Program has been supplying relief food items to displaced primary schools in northern Uganda. The school feeding program was intended to encourage and retain school going children in school.

Yesterday, Lamunu met with the officials from the World Food Program to discuss possibilities by WFP to provide a rescue food package in schools affected by low enrolment rates.

But Sarah Adong, an official from WFP said it was too early to discuss any commitments made.