Pallisa RDC Threatens to Close Market Over Poor Hygiene

The facility operates in a very unhygienic environment with dilapidated public pit latrine which is full to capacity which is forcing people answer nature's call whenever they find, a swarm of flies and a heap of garbage is what welcomes one to the market which serves over 3000 people.
13 Feb 2020 13:46

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The Resident District Commissioner of Pallisa district has threatened to close Pallisa town council market because of it's appalling situation.    

The market which serves over 3000 people operates in a very unhygienic environment with a dilapidated public pit latrine.

This is forcing people to answer nature's call where ever they find attracting a swarm of flies. This puts the lives of people who operate in this market and their customers at risk of contracting diseases.

URN tried to access the toilet to verify its state and found it in a horrible state. It was full to capacity but people still go there. There is no water that the users use to wash their hands after visiting the facility.  

Kyeyune Sseyonjo, the Pallisa District Resident Commissioner said that the unhygienic conditions in the market and Paliisa town in general is unprecedented.

He said the only solution to this problem will be closing the market since he has engaged the authorities of the town council to ensure the cleanliness of the town. 

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Cue out:..of dirty place.”//  

Vendors say the public toilet has been in that bad state for the last three years and that the authorities in the municipal council have ignored them.    

Aisha Kawala, who operates a fresh foods stall and has been in the market for the last seven years says that the situation has been like this for as long as she remembers and it worsens during the rainy season.    

She said that the bad state in the market has taken a huge toll on her business because of the dirt and bad smell.   

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Cue eno yona yona.”//     

Jalia Ntambi, another vendor operating a restaurant in the market says people operating around the taxi park and the market all use this same public toilet which puts their lives at high risk of contracting hygiene related diseases. 

//Cue in: “E’toi inchafu   

Cue out:..tutaka mutuyambe.”//  

Yusuf Nzomu, the Mayor Paliisa Town council acknowledged the bad state of the market and said that the political wing of the town council is also irked by the situation saying that there is poor supervision from the town clerk and his team. 

//Cue in: “Situation eli mu katale    

Cue out:..toi zajula.”//  

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