Panic as Four Young Girls Disappear From One Village in Lwengo

The missing children have been identified as Titi Runkuse,10, Amina Nakavuma,12, Patience Nambarire,13, and Riya Namboggo,13.

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Different families in Kikenene-Nakawanga B village, in Kisseka sub-county, Lwengo district are terrified and living in fear after the mysterious disappearance of their four children, all girls.

  The children aged between 10 and 13 years, went missing from their parents’ homes on Wednesday and have never been found.   T

he missing children have been identified as Titi Runkuse,10, Amina Nakavuma,12, Patience Nambarire,13, and Riya Namboggo,13.   

Although the police joined a massive community search for the children, they have not found any traces or clues on their whereabouts.  

Their parents are currently spending sleepless nights fearing for their children’s lives. 

  The terrified parents suspect their children were either taken for trafficking, ransom, or for human ritual sacrifices which needs the authorities to act fast to save them before it is too late.   

According to Nambogo’s father Ronald Ssensaalu, they are currently stuck and do not know what to do next because they have not received any information about her. He says that no one has called them to ask for a ransom or to tell them anything which has kept them in the dark.   

//Cue in: “Naze Ssensaalu Ronald…………   

Cue out:…………………tusaba buyambi.”//   

Nambarire's mother Perusi Nakayenga says she is worried for her daughter because Lwengo is marred by ritual human sacrifice due to the uncontrolled operation of shrines and fake witchdoctors.    She has appealed to the residents with information about her whereabouts to inform the police in time.  

//Cue in: “Kati nze okutya…………………   

Cue out:…………tuzuule abaana baffe.”//   

One of the Nakawanga elders Joseph Kaboggoza, complains that child sacrifice has become rampant in Lwengo district with little being done by the authorities to control it.

  //Cue in: “Missions nyingi…………………   

Cue out:…………embeera etambula bweti.”//

  Similar incidents have occurred in the district with shocking ending. 

On January 17, 2012, a 14-year-old Monica Namusanya went missing from her parents’ home for a week and her torso was found in Kyamaganda village swamp later.      However, residents and police stumbled on a skull believed to be of another person. 

  On the current disappearance of the four girls, the Lwengo District Police Commander Peter Akampurira says they have learnt about the matter and investigations have kicked off.   

He appealed to the public to avail information that may aid the ongoing investigations into the girls’ disappearance.