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Panic Over Goats’ Disease Breakout In Wakiso :: Uganda Radionetwork

Panic Over Goats’ Disease Breakout In Wakiso

Peste des petits ruminants – PPR, a viral disease closely related to rinderpest virus affecting goats and sheep is characterized by fever, wounds on the goats, flu and diarrhea which led to death of animals.
some of the goats which were distributed in Wakiso

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There is panic among farmers in Wakiso district following the outbreak of Peste pes petits Ruminants– PPR, a viral disease that has claimed hundreds of goats and left several others undergoing treatment. The disease is closely related to the rinderpest virus, according to Wakiso District Veterinary officials.

Dr. Andrew Kiwango, the Wakiso District Veterinary Officer, says that the goat spread to the district through goats supplied by the government under the Goat Export Rollout project. He says that they have already notified the authorities to provide vaccines to vaccinate the remaining goats. According to Kiwango, they have deployed veterinary officials to identify and treat infected goats.

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Dr. Kiwango blames the escalation of the problem on the shortage of veterinary workers and the sale of counterfeit veterinary drugs. Cate Namuddu, the Wakiso District Production Secretary, says that 25 out of the 200 goats distributed by the government have already succumbed to the disease.

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Wakiso District LC V Chairperson, Matia Lwanga Bwanika blamed the spread of the disease on the flawed procurement process.

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According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation-FAO, Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR), also known as sheep and goat plague, is a highly contagious animal disease affecting small ruminants. It is characterized by severe morbidity and mortality rates and has a high economic impact in areas of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, where small ruminants contribute to guaranteeing livelihoods. 

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