Parliament Honors Kyabazinga in Special Plenary Session

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The Parliament of Uganda has today honored the late Kyabazinga of Busoga, Henry Wako Muloki, for his contribution to the unification and development of the people of Busoga Region.
The Kyabazinga died on Monday from cancer of the esophagus.
Speaking at a special parliament Prime Minister Professor Apollo Nsibambi said the Kyabazinga was committed to the growth and development of the people of Busoga. He said Muloki's humility was the reason he was trusted by his people, who elected him to lead them.
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General Elly Tumwine, UDPF MP, asked Government to consider awarding of a medal of honor to Kyabazinga Muloki because of his contribution to peace and security in Uganda. He attributed the defeat of Alice Lakwena's Holy Spirit Movement to the support of the people of Busoga who rallied behind the Kyabazinga.
Ogenga Latigo, the Leader of Opposition, said the death of the Kyabazinga creates a huge challenge for the people of Busoga. He advised them to handle the succession with caution to ensure that the interests of all people, regardless of their political affiliations, are represented.
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Kyabazinga Muloki will be laid to rest at his home in Kaliro on Monday next week.
Meanwhile the race is on to find his successor.
David Muluya, a member of the Kyabazinga election committee, says the successor will be chosen from one of the seven clans of Busoga. The race is however down to six candidates after Izimba Gulogulo, one of those in line for the kingship, Muloki's dead body.
Culturally, a Busoga king-in-waiting must not look at dead bodies.
The remaining contenders are in training at the Royal House in Jinja. The new Kyabazinga must be elected within 90 days of Muloki's death.