Parliament to Shift Plenary Sessions to Conference Hall

This is one of the measures that the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga communicated to MPs as a measure to reduce the risks of spreading coronavirus.
The afternoon plenary session Chiared by Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga.

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Parliament will effective next week hold plenary sessions in the conference hall in a bid to ensure adequate spacing among MPs.

This is one of the measures that the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga communicated to MPs as a measure to reduce the risks of spreading coronavirus. 

 According to the World Health Organisation, social distancing is important and one should at least stay 1.5 meters away from People. 

The conference hall is more spacious than the gallery because MPs can adequately distance themselves from each other.

Parliament has also suspended non-critical staff and banned visitors.

The chamber is the main place of debate and Parliament business. It is uniquely designed to host the Members of the Opposition, the Government side, and many other categories of the people in Parliament. The Speaker has a special place in the chamber, overlooking all the members in the house.

During her communication on Thursday, Kadaga also said they have resolved to restrict the number of people in parliament by suspending non-critical staff like staff from the different Parliament forums, interns, and other non-critical staff for the next 32 days and will work from home.  

Parliament has also suspended tours by schools and any other group for the next 32 days.   

Ministries, departments, agencies and organisations which have been invited to appear before committees will be limited to only four people.

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Any letters to Parliament and deliveries have to stop in the gate, while the Sergeant-at-Arms will have to enforce on the directive of Parliament.   Kadaga says Parliament seeks to ensure that the budget process is completed during the lock-down.

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Parliament has also nominated a five-team task force to join the National Taskforce on coronavirus, and they include; Commissioner of Parliament Arinaitwe Rwakajara, Commissioner Francis Mwijukye, MP Esther Anyakun, Ayivu County MP Bernard Atiku, the Sergeant-at-Arms Ahmed Kagoye and the Parliament Doctor.

The first assignment of the task force will be to scrutinize the quarantine at Entebbe Central Inn where many Ugandans and foreigners are being charged up to 100 US Dollars per day for the next two weeks.

Godfrey Onzima the Aringa North MP says Government should have closed its borders and stopped all flights into the country instead of imposing a self-quarantine. He says closing the external borders would be the best way to stop the virus.  

Medard Lubega the Busiro East MP says Government should meet the costs of the quarantine.

 Kumi Municipality MP Silas Aogon raised concerns that the changes were too much and requested that Parliament is suspended for a few days, but he was overruled by the Speaker.

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