Parliamentary Avenue Reopened

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says that the roads were reopened after they concluded gathering information from the scene but investigations into the bombings are continuing.
23 Nov 2021 17:41
Transport resumes at Parliament Avenue

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Parliamentary Avenue has been reopened exactly a  week after the Kampala twin bombings.

Last week, two bombs went off, one at the Central Police Station-CPS along Buganda Road and another at Rajah Towers along Parliamentary Avenue, killing six people injuring 37 people.

Following the explosions, part of Parliamentary Avenue from National Theatre to Food Hub at Jinja Road and King George VI Street from Jinja Road to the parliament staff entrance was cordoned off as security commenced investigations into the bombings.

The two streets host Parliament, Uganda Prisons Service Headquarters, Ministry of Lands, Ministry of Education, the Inspectorate of Government, Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA, and the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology and National Guidance.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga on Tuesday said that the roads were reopened after police concluded gathering information from the scene but investigations into the bombings are continuing.

Abdu Bala, a Boda Boda rider at the Ministry of Education stage is glad that the road has been reopened. He says they were forced to make longer journeys to get customers. He says customers were not willing to pay more to cover the extra expense to their destinations.

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Safinah Namono who sells stationery and sweets along Parliament Avenue returned to work today. She however says business is still low since people who work along Parliamentary Avenue are yet to return to the office.

Security at Parliament has also been enhanced with police officers guiding traffic at the junction from King George VI street to Parliament Avenue. 

Police have advised all government offices to enhance security at check-in stations and in the buildings. The public has also been advised to be more vigilant and report any suspicious activity or material.

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