Patients Share Wards with Dead Bodies in Bukwo

Dr.Edward Sabit, the Bukwo district health officer said that the general situation at Bukwo hospital might cause the hospital to be closed.
26 Oct 2021 16:56

Patients at Bukwo general hospital in Bukwo district in Sebei sub region are forced to share beds with dead bodies due to lack of mortuary.

This was disclosed by Bukwo district health officer Dr. Edward Sabiti on Tuesday during the covid-19 task force chaired by the resident district commisioner.

He also told the task force that the hospital dose not have substantive staff who include the hospital administrator.

"We don't have mortuary as Bukwo general hospital and most patients who die are kept at the Ward's until the relatives come and collect their corpses," he said.

Dr.Sabit noted that sometimes the dead bodies can spend about two days in the ward together with admitted patients because the hospital dose not have where to keep the dead bodies.

Dr.Sabit added that the general situation at Bukwo hospital might cause the hospital to be closed.

Dr. Sabiti's revelation shocked the newly transferred resident district commissioner Mr. Samuel Hashaka Mpimbaza who tasked the chief administrative officer to explain why the hospital which is under the district management has no mortuary.

Mr.Julius Chelimo, the district chairperson Bukwo said government sent money for the mortuary  but the contractor failed to do the work under unclear circumstances.

"I remember government had sent money for the construction of the hospital mortuary by that time I was not yet elected, I think the chief administrative officer is in a better position to explain what went wrong," he said. 

Mr Balaba Swaibu the chief administrative officer Bukwo, in his response admitted that there was a problem with the contractor.

He acknowledged that the government had sent the money and the contractor was selected to do the  work but has since never appeared.

"We have summoned the contractor to explain why he has failed to do work after signing the contract," he said.

Patricia Chelangat a mother and a resident of  Kapsegek village in Amanang Sub county in Bukwo district said the general situation at  Bukwo district hospital was wanting adding that most times patient's run away and seek treatment from private clinics due to the unbearable situation at the hospital.

"I remember last month when I was attending to my child, two children died in the children's ward and three people had died in the male ward but all these bodies remained at the hospital for about three days with a terrible smell so we had to run away," she said.