Persistent Power Outages Irk Lamwo Residents

The aggrieved power consumers, mainly residents of Palabek Kal, Lamwo, Padibe and Madi Opei town councils and other major trading centres note that the unplanned power blackouts have lasted for over four months now.

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Residents of Lamwo district have expressed their dissatisfaction with power supplier Pader Abim Community Multipurpose Electricity Cooperatives Society Limited (PACMECS) over the consistent power outages.

The aggrieved power consumers, mainly residents of Palabek Kal, Lamwo, Padibe and Madi Opeitown councils and other major trading centresnote that the unplanned powerblackouts have lasted for over four months now.

Justine Owor, the councillor representing Palabek Kal Town Council, says since April they have been experiencing inconsistent power supply without explanation from officials of PACMECS.

Charles Okene, the proprietor of ADC Welding Workshop in Lamwo Town Council says that the power outages have has a huge impact on his business. Okene explains that he is forced to transport welding materials for refurbishment works to Kitgum Municipality which is costly and time-wasting.

Godfrey Oyet, another businessman operating a photo studio in Madi Opei says the power outages have left them jobless. He says that they cannot use other alternative power sources like generators or solar because they are expensive.

Noel Okiya, the Palabek Kal Town Council LCIII Chairperson says that the power blackouts at night are to blame for the increased crime rates in the area. He says that criminals take advantage of the darkness to terrorize residents in homes and on the roadsides.

He adds that the power distributors closed their area branch office which has deprived the power consumers of access to information and immediate response.

The Urban Council III Chairperson for Padibe Town Council Richard Oballim Omoo says the power outages have greatly affected the operations of the health centre IV. He says the health facility relies on generators which are expensive to run for weeks.

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The PACMECs General Manger Isaac Odongo attributed the outages to the on-going general maintenance of power lines in Pader, Abim and Agago districts. Odonga however says they are also considering boosting manpower based in Kitgum to ensure effective response towards power restoration and maintenance of defects on the service lines in the districts of Kitgum and Lamwo.

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