Pictorial: Inside Parliament's Breastfeeding Centre

Whats inside Parliaments 80-million-shilling Breastfeeding Centre Take a look.
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On the right is Irene Nawaho (matron) and Belinda Kyalisiima (Nanny) in the breastfeeding centre's kitchen.
From 1st to 7th August, the world marks the Breastfeeding week in over 170 countries to promote breastfeeding and improve infant nutrition around the world.

Today, nutritionists from the ministry of health led by the acting Director General of Health Services Dr. Anthony Mbonye and head of Nutrition department Dr Jacent Asiimwe visited parliament's breastfeeding centre.


The centre on which Parliament spent over Shillings 80 million caters for the legislators' and staff newborn babies and acts as a permanent breastfeeding centre. It provides space for female MPs and Parliament staff to take time off to breastfeed their babies among other things.

The centre was opened in November last year and currently; there are seven babies under the watch of two caretakers trained in early childhood learning.

URN brings you pictures from the breastfeeding centre.

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