Pictorial: Uganda’s 57 years of independence through Corporate Lenses

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On October 9, 1962, after many years of British colonial rule, Uganda attained its independence from Britain.  

This day, Uganda marks 57 years of independence with main celebrations in the Eastern Uganda district of Sironko under the theme; “Consolidation of national unity, security, freedom and prosperity".

  Several Corporate companies and organizations, government ministries, departments and agencies in the country have designed and printed posters celebrating Uganda’s self-autonomy.  

Throughout social media pages, Uganda in the East Africa region is trending especially on Twitter with majority people tweeting “Independence Day”, and “Happy 57th Independence”.  

For twitter trends in Kampala, many city dwellers are tweeting “Happy Independence”. Other country-wide trends include “Sironko”, “Ugandan”, “Pearl of Africa”.  

The trending hashtags are #UgandaAt57, #UOTNight57Indep, and #UGat57.  

A quick analysis of the posters designed for independence, it appears various corporate firms ranging from banks, law firms, beverage companies’ telecom companies, media houses seem to have turned the independence day celebrations as marketing day. Check out in the pictorial.    

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