Pioneer Kinyara Sugar cane outgrower Quits Cane

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A farmer who introduced the out growers scheme at the Masindi-based Kinyara sugar factory has quit growing of sugar canes saying it instead creates poverty.
Keith Bitamazire says he regrets his time, resources and energy spent in growing of cane.
Now a mango farmer, Bitamazire who was also the pioneer board chairman of the out grower's association says cane farmers could be the most exploited people in Uganda.
He says farmers are poorer than before they joined the cane business. He says several cane farmers get millions of shillings from cane but if well calculated, their expenditure is far more than their earnings.
Todate, Bitamazire has four hectares of mangos with close to 1,500 high bred varieties, which he says have a steady market world over. He expects to earn 300 million shillings annually from his farm of mangos, located in the remote village of Ntuuma, Bwijanga subcounty, Masindi district.
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Bitamazire has launched a campaign to lure several other people into mango farming.
Bitamazire, who is also the interim Chairman of Mango growers association in Masindi says they soon expect a juice processing plant.
Last month, Ahamed Tijan, the single biggest outgrower of Kinyara also set up his own factory,producing organic sugar, although he still commits half of his cane to Kinyara