Police Constable Arrested for Smuggling

A police constable attached to Mbarara Police Station has been arrested for smuggling.

The Southwestern Uganda Regional Police Commander, Andrew Sorowen, says Officer Benon Nkuruziza, was arrested for smuggling 40 boxes of goods worth five million shillings into Uganda through a small border post in Isingiro district. Among the smuggled goods were toothpaste, shoe polish, body lotion and Bic pens.

Sorowen says Nkuruziza and a taxi driver called Simon Mwesigwa were tracked by the Special Revenue Protection Services from Isingiro to Mbarara Police Barracks. They were arrested off loading the smuggled goods from a taxi and immediately taken into police custody.

Sorowen says the involvement of a police officer in smuggling in unfortunate and vows to bring all errant officers to book.