Police Deployed At Great Lakes University in Kanungu over Ownership Dispute

The row is between Dr Hamlet Mbabazi Kabushenga, the University Founder and chancellor and administrators led by Honest Wilkins Natukwasa and, the current University Director.
A police patrol vehicle at the university (Photo Credit Samuel Amanya)

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The police have been deployed at Great Lakes Regional University, Kanungu district over the ownership row.

The row is between Dr Hamlet Mbabazi Kabushenga, the University Founder and chancellor and administrators led by Honest Wilkins Natukwasa and, the current University Director.

Kabushenga has been the University Founder since its establishment in 2004 until June last year when the university’s funders Child to Family Community Development Organization (CHIFCOD), ordered him to resign over allegations of mismanagement of funds.  

CHIFCOD also funds the progress of Great Lakes High School, Nyamirama Parents Primary School, Kirima Parents Primary School, Rutenga Parents Primary School, Nyakabungo Parents’ Primary School, and Kataate Health Center IV in Kanungu.

In a letter dated September 25 2021 and addressed to Joab Turyamwebarize, the University Council Chairperson, Kabushenga tendered in his resignation.

However, on Saturday last week, Kabushenga made a U-Turn and declared that he is still the official founder and chancellor of the University. On the same day, Kabushenga stormed the university grounds located along Kanungu-Kihihi road Bushuura village, Kirima Sub-county accompanied with a group of unidentified people and chased away all the students and staff who had arrived at the institution for official reporting on Monday this week.  

Kabushenga argued that Natukwasa is not supposed to open the institution and that the University Vice-Chancellor, Dorothy Kabugo has been sacked under his leadership.  Kabushenga also argued that he has appointed Godfrey Karabenda Tumwebaze as the Chairperson Board of Trustees. Karabenda is also the Kanungu Town Council Mayor.  

However, a section of the students attempted to lynch Kabushenga.

On Tuesday, Hajji Shafiue Ssekandi, the Kanungu Resident District Commissioner intervened and ordered the deployment of police at the university.

Frank Namara, the Great Lakes Regional University Secretary says that the presence of security at the university is to ensure that there is peace until the feud is solved.

//Cue in; “the presence of… Cue out:  …the university.”//

Natukwasa says that Kabushenga is not supposed to be at the university premises since he resigned. Natukwasa also says that so far, the University recognizes Chancellor Dr Holga Halter Liso, a German national as a chancellor but not Dr Kabushenga.

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Dorothy Kabugo, the Acting University Vice-Chancellor says that it was wrong for Kabushenga to storm the university with unknown people unidentified people armed with machetes and sticks to destabilize the institution’s peace.  

//Cue in: “I was informed… Cue out; …ownership issue.”//

But, Dr Kabushenga denied the allegations and claimed ownership of the university.

Kabushenga says that those claiming ownership of the university are impersonators and encroachers on his property.

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Godfrey Karabenda Tumwebaze, the Chairperson Board of Trustees said that Kabushenga should not be side-lined because all the projects funded by CHIFCOD are operating on land that belongs to Kabushenga.

Ritah Asiimwe, the Great Lakes Regional University Guild President called for dialogue to resolve the dispute.

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She says that had it not been the dispute more than 400 students would have reported, but so far there are 150 students.

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