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Police Disperses Roadside Vendors in Kampala :: Uganda Radionetwork

Police Disperses Roadside Vendors in Kampala

As business resumed, several traders sold their merchandise on the verandas, contrary to set SOPs.
Kikuubo Business Area

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Security personnel and Kampala Capital City Authority- KCCA enforcement officers on Monday dispersed roadside vendors in a bid to enforce Standard Operating Procedures- SOPs.

Last week President Museveni eased the lockdown restrictions after 42 days. Museveni said that all business areas in Kampala were required to have handwashing facilities at the entrance and everyone should wear a mask. Roadside vending and all kiosks within corridors of Kikuubo were banned in a bid to decongest the pathways.

However, as business resumed, several traders sold their merchandise on the verandas of arcades and shops contrary to the set SOPs.

Vendors who were dispersed from the verandas shifted to the road especially those operating along the Namirembe Road Non-Motorized Transport corridor. They were however again chased by the police.

Annet Nassali, a vendor in Kikuubo says they rent space on the verandahs to earn an income, but, unfortunately, they are being chased.

//Cue in: "Ekyokujja abantu kumbalaza...

Cue out: ...Kwalabira okamulemesezza"//

Another trader, Elly Kakooza notes that traders have waited so long to open shop. He says it's hard to attract customers without displaying items on the verandahs.

Kakooza further says that it is difficult for traders in Kikuubo to enforce SOPs among their customers because there are several customers turning up for shopping.

//Cue in: "Waliwo abantu abamu...

Cue out: ...tulabe ekiddako"//

Umar Kityo, another trader says that there is uncertainty on how they will operate. He says as police enforce SOPs in Kikuubo, some arcades are still closed to traders while some have resumed work already.

//Cue in "Police ezze kulaba...

Cue out: ...bagguddewo, bizibu"//

Godfrey Katongole the Chairman of Kampala Arcade Traders Association wants the government to carry out mass vaccination such that people resume work without fear of infections.

During his address on Friday, President Museveni said that after two weeks, the government shall review the decision to lift lockdown and that if some sectors ignore SOPs they shall be closed again.

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