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Police Starts Nationwide Campaign To Clean Image - Onyango :: Uganda Radionetwork

Police Starts Nationwide Campaign To Clean Image - Onyango

Patrick Onyango, the deputy national spokesperson says the campaign aims at restoring the integrity of the force as a pro people force.
Patrick Onyango In Gulu

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The Uganda Police Force has embarked on a nationwide campaign to clean its tainted image.

Patrick Onyango, the deputy Police spokesperson said the campaign is aimed at restoring the integrity of the force. He said they are going back to being pro-people during arrests of suspects, registering complaints and responding to emergencies.

Onyango says the campaign is taking the Police personnel through standard and acceptable customer care etiquettes which they must observe in the course of their duties.

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Launching the campaign in Aswa River Region headquarters in Gulu district on Thursday, Onyango said a team of high ranking officers from the Police headquarters are traversing the country sensitizing Police personnel on the rights of suspects in view of eliminating violent arrests.

He said when Police returns to the basics of introducing themselves before arresting a suspect, the institution's tainted image will dramatically change for good.

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In addition to being rated the most corrupt, the Uganda Police force has been ranked several times as the top human rights violator in the country by the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC).

According to Onyango, the leadership of Police will move to all 26 police regions in the country to sensitize personnel to maintain high integrity levels in order to reverse the tainted image.

He said Police is working on new strategies for responding to emergencies. Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa River Police spokesperson says the team emphasized issues of politeness while attending to clients.

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