Police Embarks On Registration of Boda Boda Cyclists in Luweero

Phoebe Namulindwa the Luweero Resident District Commissioner says that particulars for riders will also be used for planning and streamlining the boda boda industry.
All the motorcycles and owners in Luweero will be registered

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Police in Luweero district have started registering Boda Boda cyclists in a move aimed at fighting crimes and streamlining the transport sector.

According to Luweero District Police Commander Ahmed Musakana each cyclist will be asked for particulars that include his or her name, number plate, engine number, type and chassis of motorcycle.

Musakana adds that the motorcyclists will also specify his stage of operation, contact and personal National Identification number.

Musakana explains that the information will be stored at Central National Information system in Kampala where it will be retrieved by officers to track any motorcycle either stolen or used in any crime.

Musakana also revealed that Police is also in final preparations to install CCTV camera in Luweero to help in fighting crime in the area.

Phoebe Namulindwa the Luweero Resident District Commissioner says that the particulars of cyclists will also be used for planning and streamlining the Boda Boda industry.

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Robert Ssekyanzi the Chairperson of Luweero Town Council Boda Boda Riders’ Association says that the exercise may help them to track the motorcycles that are stolen and sold in other parts of the Country.

Fred Ssebaggala the Chairperson of Kasana Market Boda Boda stage in Luweero town says lack of a database had made it easy for robbers to get away with stolen motorcycles.

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However some motorcyclists fear that the government may use the data for introducing taxes against them.

The registration exercise which began on Thursday is expected to end on Friday.

The registration of Boda Boda riders follows an earlier exercise where Police registered sport bikes in Kampala city last year.

In 2018, following the murder of former Buyende District Police Commander ASP Mohammed Kirumira by men on sport bikes, Police in Kampala embarked on registration of owners of all motorsport bikes in a move aimed at stopping the assailants from using them and ensure they can track those who engage in crimes.

The Police's Chief Political Commissar AIGP Asan Kasingye said that sports bikes had been the main getaway vehicles for assassins in the most recent murders in the country insisting there was need to register them.

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