Police in Busia Conducts NRM Primaries

Angry supporters of Obonyo grabbed and tore declaration forms forcing Bogere and other polling officials to flee the polling station.
ASP Moses Kakiryo intervene Chaos at Nangwe-Madibira polling station

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Police in Busia, took over the voting exercise at Nangwe-Madibira polling station in the Western division in Busia Municipality after chaos erupted between voters and the polling officials.

This is after angry supporters accused Wycliffe Bogere the village registrar for altering the votes of Patrick Obonyo. They alleged that Obonyo’s 236 votes were given to his opponent Ivan Mulira who had polled 24 votes.

Angry supporters of Obonyo grabbed and tore declaration forms forcing Bogere and other polling officials to flee the polling station. 

Voters //Cue in: "Londa mu obululu...

Cue out:....obundu ikaanga"//

Policemen led by Busia District Police Commander Moses Kakiryo intervened and conducted the recounting of the votes. 

Kakiryo also conducted elections for the seat of LCV five and female councillors.

//Cue in: "Muwuliriza kakati...

Cue out.....adusse nakyoo"//

Wycliffe Bogere, the NRM village registrar denied the accusations saying that he had not to change results but supporters just grabbed the DR forms and tore them before agents signed on them.

//Cue in: "Actually if the...

Cue out:...okusinga assinze"//

There was also chaos at Burukuru Cell polling station in Bulambuli District on Friday as voters were barred from participating. 

The NRM primaries for Bulambuli District LCV contest is between Simon Wananzofu the incumbent chairperson and Annet Nandudu commonly known as Moyo Indagano.  


The voters who arrived at the polling station as early as 10:00 am were surprised when they were told by the polling officials that they were late for voting, leading to fights between the voters and the polling officials.     

Christine Khanakwa, another voter accused the registrar of having a side in the polls. She claims that he was campaigning for one of the candidates in the race.    

She added that when they reached the polling station to vote they were told to wait yet the registrar was filing false information in the forms.  

Christopher Welishe the LCI Chairperson of Burukuru cell A where there was a scuffle said the voting was going on well until the polling officials denied some voters were denied to vote.   

In Mbale City, voting has been characterized by low voter turn up. The voters refused to participate demanding for the declaration of the Mbale City Woman MP results.   

According to James Wodaya polling agent from Wanambwa cell polling station in Northern division city, by midday, nobody had turned up at the polling station to vote.

He said that unlike the previous elections by midday voting was already completed.

Godfrey Kutosi, from Nkoma polling station, says that they did not participate in the elections until they declare the results.   

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