Police Investigates Mysterious Death of Young Woman at Garden City

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Police in Kampala have launched an investigation into the mysterious circumstance sorrounding the death of a young woman who was killed two weeks ago.
23-year-old Stella Kemigisha's body was discovered by security officers of Garden City complex on Yusuf Lule Road and rushed to Mulago Hospital.
But police spokesman, Fredrick Yiga, says police has questioned three employees of the Venue bar, where Kemigisha was last seen drinking with two young men.
Yiga says police wants to establish why Kemigisha's body was hurriedly removed from the scene without calling the police. He says someone could have killed her and wanted to destroy evidence.
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Olwe Adoko Alfredo, a supervisor at The Venue bar, where Kemigisha was last seen says security officers of the bar requested Kemigisha to leave the bar when she got too drunk and started breaking glasses and bottles.
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Adoko denies claims that Kemigisha's body was rushed to hospital to kill evidence.