Police, Military Storm Luwero Cave, Remove 70 Muslim Converts

RDC Bwabye said that on interviewing them, they found out that were undergoing radicalism in Islam and living in a filthy state which could trigger disease outbreaks.

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Policemen and soldiers of Uganda People’s Defense Forces have raided a cave at Kireku village in Luwero district and forcefully disbanded a group 70 people who were there allegedly undergoing radicalism in Islam.

Thirteen years ago, a man identified as Isah Kisinja settled on a hill located at Kireku village in Kikyusa sub county but recently over 70 people including 30 children joined him and started living in a cave, with some sleeping in tents and camps around.

Rosemary Namatovu the LC 1 Chairperson of Kireku village says that at first, they thought the people had come for traditional rituals but later they discovered that they were practicing and undergoing Islamic teaching.

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Nulu Kijjambu the LC 3 Chairperson of Kikyusa sub county says that although the group had not been involved in any criminal activity, they became suspicious of the influx of people at the hill and she alerted the Resident District Commissioner to investigate their objectives.

Policemen and soldiers of Uganda People’s Defense Forces commanded by Richard Bwabye the Luwero Resident District Commissioner raided the group on Thursday to find out what they were doing and their welfare.

Security personnel searched the cave, huts and tents but found nothing to link them to the crime.

But Bwabye said that on interviewing them, they found out that were undergoing radicalism in Islam and living in a filthy state which could expose them to disease outbreaks.

Bwabye says that as result, he ordered the arrest of three leaders for interrogation and others were immediately transported to their homes in Kayunga district.

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By the time of publishing this report, Living Twazagye the Luwero District Police Commander said that he had handed over the group to authorities in Kayunga to return them to their homes.

Twazagye added that three leaders whom they had arrested were also handed over to UPDF for further investigations over their activities.

But Sheikh Ramadhan Mulindwa the Luwero District Kadhi refuted the narrative by security personnel saying these were just newly converted to Islam and the leaders were planning to construct a mosque for prayers.

Mulindwa explains that Kisinja settled at the hill as a witch doctor thirteen years ago living in a cave but a year ago he converted to Islam and decided to teach others who were visiting him seeking magic powers, to turn to God.

He adds that however, Kisinja got a disagreement with the landlord of the hill over the establishment of the mosque because she profits from people who frequent there to practice witchcraft.

Mulindwa also summoned them to his office and advised the congregants to return back to Kayunga in fear that they could be arrested before being linked to terrorist activities something that happened before they left.

Last week, the UPDF soldiers and Policemen also raided the home belonging to Umar Kabonge Ajobe a resident of Kikubajinja zone in Luwero whom they claimed was using it for assembling bombs to terrorize Kampala city.

Ajobe and two others who were arrested over links to Allied Democratic Forces terrorists remain under detention at an unknown facility.