Police Officer in Gulu City Arrested Over Escape of Suspect

Special Police Constable Leobenik Ojok, is accused of negligence while on duty at the Gulu Central Police Station leading to the escape of one Emmanuel Ouma, a habitual criminal in Gulu City.
David Mudong Ongom, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson -Photo by Jesse Johnson James
A police officer in Gulu City has been arrested following the escape of a suspect from police custody.

Special Police Constable Leobenik Ojok is accused of negligence while on duty at the Gulu Central Police Station which led to the escape of Emmanuel Ouma.

Ouma was arrested on Saturday from Kabedopong Market in Pece-Laroo on allegations of breaking into three shops belonging to Gladys Mary Alanyo, Lyazi Ismail and Ibrahim Asimwe all traders at the market.

He reportedly stole two sacks of ladies shoes, one sack of ladies handbag, two pillows, and six boxes of washing soap, several rolls of curtain and a blanket among others. Ouma was arrested with some of the stolen items, beaten severally by a mob before being rescued by the police and rushed to Gulu Central Police Station.

However, while being transported for treatment to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital under the watch of Ojok who was the cell guard, Ouma jumped over the cell wall and fled.

Efforts to apprehend him were futile as his pursuers could not get hold of him.

The Police Professional Standard Unit in Aswa River Region however on Monday faulted Ojok for neglect of duty, arrested him and he is currently being detained at the Gulu Central Police Station as inquiries continue.

David Ongom Mudong, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson said on Tuesday morning that the police officer is currently under detention and relieved of his duty until investigations are completed.

He added that Ouma had been charged with burglary and theft vide SD ref. 43/04/09/2021 will now face more charges of escape from lawful custody.