Police Probes Source, Motive of Imported Catapults

The Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that the consignments of several catapults made by factories were allegedly imported into the country by negative elements that are still plotting to cause violence in the country.
Fred Enanga showing how some of the recovered catapults are being used.

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The Police Crime Intelligence Unit is investigating how consignments of factory-made catapults  were illegally imported into the country.  

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga suspects that the people who imported the catapults intend to use them as tools of violence. He says that the catapults are capable of firing metallic projectiles or bearings, which makes them deadly once possessed and used by wrong elements.

Although Enanga did not divulge details of where the catapults were found, several people were arrested during police operations on the same. He adds that from their statements, it’s clear that there are still more people in the community, who are using the catapults to stir violence and threaten the safety of Ugandans.

During the operations, according to police, other objects like pangas, bows and arrows, iron bars, knives, locally made tyre cutters, and large quantities of materials used in making petrol bombs were also recovered. He appealed to the public to be vigilant and report any suspected tools that could be owned and used by wrong elements to cause chaos.

"As the joint security forces, we’re going to take tough measures and intensify operations to counter all forms of violence aimed at destabilizing the country," Enanga said.  

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Meanwhile, the police revealed that they have continued receiving complaints of disruptive attacks on motorists by criminals who use petrol bombs.  For instance, Nateete police are investigating the double attack on motorists by criminals who hauled petrol bombs on several vehicles caught up in traffic

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