Police Pursue Couple Over Aunt's Killing

It is reported that on Wednesday night, the deceased identified as Carla Adul had a quarrel with her nephew's wife called Lakot over a water bucket belonging to the deceased. In the fight, the old woman sustained the fatal wound on her head.

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Police in Pader are pursuing two suspects for their alleged involvement in the murder of a 60 year old woman in Laguti Sub County.

The assailants on the run have been identified by the police as Francis Komakech and his wife Agnes Lakot, all residents of Lajeng village in Laguti sub County in Pader district.

It is reported that on Wednesday night the deceased identified as Carla Adul engaged in a quarrel with Lakot, the wife of her nephew Komakech, over a water bucket belonging to the deceased, leading to a fight in which the old woman sustained a wound on her head. 

Later on, upon returning from a drinking joint at Lajeng trading centre, Komakech became irritated after his wife reported to him that his aunt approached her at their home and confronted her, prompting the suspect to retaliate. The Laguti Sub County LCIII Chairperson Christopher Mwaka says Komakech is alleged to have headed to her auntie’s home at night and dragged her from the house while beating her as he headed towards the bushes.   According to Mwaka, upon realizing that his aunt was already dead, Komakech is reported to have gone to the trading centre where he bought two liters of fuel and tried to set her body on fire before fleeing from the scene. 

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Residents were shocked when they found the lifeless body of the old woman on Thursday in a nearby bush, which prompted them to embark on a search for the suspects only to realize that they had since left the village with some of their belongings to an unknown destination. 

However, some residents allege that Komakech and his wife were both seen on Thursday boarding a vehicle at Laguti trading center headed towards Kitgum district.   A source at the police that preferred anonymity reveals that a postmortem conducted showed that the deceased who had fresh wounds on the head and the arms was beaten before being strangled. 

The source says investigations are ongoing to ascertain the motive of the murder and that the hunt is now on to apprehend the suspects who on arrest would be arraigned before the courts of law to answer charges of murder.