25 People Feared Dead in Missing Boat

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The 25 were traveling from Lyabaana landing site to Nkese in Bubeke Sub County, Kalangala District
Boats like these ones in Kalangala do not have life jackets. Passengers travel at God\'s mercy.
Marine Police officers and local authorities in Kalangala are looking for a boat reported missing since Monday, January 25.

There is growing fear that the boat could have capsized with all 25 people on board.

The boat that was destined for Nkese; the furthest shoreline in Bubeke Sub County, Kalangala district, has never arrived at its destination.  Nkese Island borders Bukoba Island in Tanzania. It is isolated from other Islands and is prone to strong winds.

Aboard the boat were 25 people, two of whom have been identified as local musicians Kizito Zavuga and another known as Baby Deo. They were traveling from Lyabaana landing site where they staged a musical show a day before the tragedy.

The alert to Police came from Aishakiye Benon, the Manager of the two musicians who says his efforts to contact any of them have been futile since Monday and there is no proof that the boat landed at Nkese.

Bubeke Sub County Chairperson Paul Kibinge says that the Marine Police Unit together with local authorities have embarked on the search for the missing persons and the boat.

The officer in-charge of Bubeke Police Post Alex Ogwang, says area Police has joined the search.

The former Chairperson of Nkese Beach Management Unit, Stanley Kibwaami says the area is experiencing strong winds that could have affected the movement of the boat across the lake.

Eye witnesses who saw the boat leave Lyabaana landing site say none of the persons on the missing boat had a life jacket. 

A survey conducted last year by Makerere University School of Public Health shows that about 5,000 fishermen die each year due to storms on Lake Victoria.

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