Police Starts Investigations Into Unsealed Ballot Boxes

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Police has launched an investigation into the alleged voting using unsealed ballot boxes during last month's presidential and parliamentary elections.
The investigation stems from a concern raised by the Forum for Democratic Change president, Kiiza Besigye, that some ballot boxes used in the presidential elections were left unsealed.
While casting his vote on February 23 in Rukungiri, Besigye was photographed taking off the lid of the ballot box. He complained that an unsealed ballot box was a recipe for rigging.
Assistant Police spokesman, Patrick Onyango says that police is trying to establish whether the ballot box was intentionally left unsealed by the electoral commission.
Onyango says police is going to question EC officials that dispatched voting materials to western Uganda.
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Besigye was last week summoned to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigations Department in Kampala, to explain why he lifted the lid off the ballot box.
The Electoral Commission chairman Badru Kiggundu says that Besigye's act was illegal and it contravened the Presidential Elections Act 2005.
Onyango says that Besigye will either be treated as a witness or suspect in the case.