Police Takes Over Hotel Security As 3rd Guard Killed

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The killing of a Zebra hotel security guard near Vice President Edward Ssekandi\'s Masaka home prompts Police to take over security in major hotels in the town. Three security guards have so far been killed by robbers.
Drake Guloba of Drake\'s Pub a popular Night hang out in Masaka checking a child

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A spate of hotel robberies targeting major Masaka hotels has prompted Police to take over security duty.

Three security guards have lost their lives during the attacks by robbers who disarm them.

Police has recorded four hotel attack incidents since June in which two security guards were killed and their guns stolen.

The latest attack was on Sunday during which a Zebra hotel security guard was killed and her gun stolen.

Thugs also robbed an unspecified amount of money, computers and other hotel documents.

30 year old Annet Nasasira is the security guard who was killed in the attack.

Benon Mugarura, the Hotel Manager, says that the thugs also bored a hole through the wall and stole several documents including his land titles. 

Zebra Hotel is located a few metres from the State Lodge and just opposite Vice President Edward Ssekandi’s residence. 

Two months ago, thugs raided Dawson Petrol station and killed two people: the supervisor and guard.  A Maria Flo Hotel security guard also lost his life to thugs who took his gun after killing him.

This has prompted police to deploy officers at major hotels. Some of the major hotels where there is heavy presence of police officers are Zebra Hotel, Hotel Brovad, Golf Lane Hotel, Tropic Inn Hotel. Others are Nandis, Greton Hotel among others.

These Hotels have been employing services of security groups such as Damacos Security Group Limited, Security 2000, Securico Group, and Securex Security Systems.

Noah Sserunjoji, the Greater Masaka Region Police Spokesperson, says police decided to intervene after preliminary investigations showed that security guards deployed at hotels are incompetent.

Sserunjoji says they have now deployed police at these hotels to temporarily offer security as hotel owners put in place necessary security measures. He says police is also set to train some of these security guards before they are deployed in public places.


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At Hotel Brovad, there are three police officers deployed to screen and check guests entering into the facility while other security officers are deployed around it.


Kassim Ssembajja, the Manager Hotel Brovad says they have also deployed more operatives to ensure security at the hotel. He says they have also deployed UPDF soldiers to reinforce security officers at the hotel.


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At Hotel Zebra, there are at least seven police officers deployed at the facility days.


Benon Mugarura, the Managing Director of Hotel Zebra says they have now ordered for detecting machines and other gadgets to step up security.


Ambience Discotheque, Drake’s Pub, Vienna Guest House and other popular places have also stepped up security.

Police say three guns have so far been stolen during these hotel raids.