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Poster war erupts between Rukiga county candidates :: Uganda Radionetwork

Poster war erupts between Rukiga county candidates

Candidates for the Rukiga county parliamentary seat have accused each other of defacing their rivals campaign posters.
17 Jan 2016 09:08

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Candidates for the Rukiga county parliamentary seat have started trading accusations over alleged defacing of campaign posters.


The accusations are between the supporters of the area incumbent Member of Parliament Jack Sabiti and Herbert Kabafunzaki of the ruling NRM party. Sabiti is the Forum for Democratic Change party flagbearer in the constituency.


Sabiti accuses Kabafunzaki of ordering his supporters to cover over his posters when President Yoweri Museveni was campaigning in the area from second January to fifth January this year.


Sabiti\'s posters in sub counties of Rwamucucu, Bukinda, Kashambya were either pulled down or covered over with Museveni and Kabafunzaki\'s posters. 


Jack Sabit says that he reported the matter to Kabale police station. The case is registered under file number CRB 66/01/11/2016.


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Cue out:...gone to police:”//



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Cue out:...baaze mu bareebe:”


Surprisingly, Kabafunzaki has filed a similar complaint with police accusing Sabiti of encouraging his supporters to deface his posters too. This is confirmed by Kigezi regional police spokesperson Elly Maate.


He says that the police is already investigating the allegations and warns candidates to stop defacing rival candidates posters.


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Cue out:...against their opponents:”//


However Kabafunzaki has since denied filing the complaint though the police indicate that they received a formal complaint from him.