Postponed NRM Masindi Elections Delayed Again

National Resistance Movement members in Masindi are still waiting to vote in their party primaries, a week after the elections were supposed to be held.

The Masindi elections were cancelled on August 30th because an insufficient number of ballot papers and ballot boxes were distributed to polling stations. The elections were postponed to today, but by 2 p.m., voting had not begun.

Mubyama Businge the NRM Masindi returning officer, says voting materials arrived in the district, but are being held by the police. He hopes that the polls will open at 4p.m. and that voting will take place regardless of the time.

In the meantime, armed policemen are delivering ballots to polling stations around the district.

There are unconfirmed reports that the delay was caused by missing ballot papers for the Mayoral election. It is alleged that the district secretariat has been rushing to make new ballot papers before the end of the day.