Power Outages Hit Hard Moroto Hospital, Business Community

The unreliable power supply has caused losses to both the business community and government institutions.
An electrician on the pole in Moroto town.

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Persistent power outages have affected business at Moroto Regional Referral Hospital. The power supply by Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited-UEDCL has been unstable for years. 

In some cases, power goes off for a week and on many occasions it goes off for an entire day. Even during the dry season, the power supply in Moroto power is unstable.

  The unreliable power supply has caused losses to both the business community and government institutions. In Moroto Regional Referral Hospital, the power outages have affected the X-ray unit prompting management to halt its services.  

Dr. Alfred Francis Ogwang, the Director Moroto Regional Referral Hospital, says they spent huge sums of money to run the generator. He says some of the expenses have forced management to go in debt in order to run the hospital. 

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Harriet Amoit, a bookshop attendant in Moroto town, says power outages cost her more than Shillings 100,000 every day since most her of customers want photocopying and printing services.     She observes that UEDCL has never been able to provide enough power to the business community, forcing many to close or resort to other businesses that don’t require power. 

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Sammy Logwee, the former Matheniko Legislator and now businessman in Moroto town faults UEDCL for using substandard materials like poles and transformers. 

He wants government to do a special audit on the UEDCL Moroto line. 

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UEDCL management in Moroto attributes the power outages to heavy rainfall that sometimes causes poles to fall down. 

They also claim that the Soroti-Moroto road construction has affected some poles making power supply unreliable, according to some of texts sent to customers.