President Sanctioned 'Misuse' of Immunization Funds - Former Museveni Aide

President Yoweri Museveni's former youth affairs aide, Alice Kaboyo, has joined the former Health Minister Jim Muhwezi in seeking legal redress to block their arrest over the alleged mismanagement of billions of shillings meant for immunization.
Kaboyo has filed a case in the Court of Appeals seeking a revision of recommendations made to President Museveni by the Inspector General of Govenrment (IGG). The IGG, Faith Mwondha, advised that Kaboyo should be arrested and prosecuted for misuse of public funds
According to the IGG Kaboyo, Muhwezi and former Health State Ministers Mike Mukula and Alex Kamugisha are responsible for the misuse of 7.9 billion shillings from the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. The money was given to the Government of Uganda to enable it to meet the national immunization coverage goals.
In an affidavit filed at the Court of Appeals, Kaboyo says all the money released to her was disbursed with the knowledge of President Yoweri Museveni. She claims that the President Museveni authorized the former Minister of Health to divert part of the immunization funds to support campaign efforts ahead of the 2005 national referendum on political systems.
Kaboyo was deployed as Museveni's Private Secretary in charge of seminars and mobilization in 2005. She says the President directed Muhwezi to release the funds directly to her. She however does not disclose how much money was released by the Ministry of Health.
Kaboyo says she was shocked when the President summoned her to account for 1.3 billion shillings that she received for the referendum. She claims that she labored in vain to explain to him her position and that the President even threatened to send her to jail if she did not corporate in accounting for the money.
Kaboyo says the IGG's investigation into the use of the funds was biased since President Museveni directed the probe. She wants the Court of Appeal to declare that the actions of the President before, during and after the investigations were in contravention of the Constitution. She also contends that the IGG did not accord her a fair hearing over the matter.