Presidential Adviser Fences off Kalangala Community Play Ground

Mulindwa Birimumaaso, the presidential advisor on Buganda Issues who is also the owner of Pearl Gardens Beach recently fenced off part of the community play ground to kick start construction of a modern shopping mall and a super market
File Photo of Kalangala Community Play ground which has been fenced off
Mulindwa Birimumaaso, the presidential adviser on Buganda affairs has fenced off a Community play ground in Kalangala district to pave way for the construction of a mega supermarket sparking off angry protests from residents. The disputed play ground is located between Pearl Gardens Beach and Ssese Island Beach in Kalangala town council. It is also surrounded by a forest reserve.  The community play ground hosts district sports activities including inter school competitions. Recently, Birimumaaso fenced off the community play ground to kick start the construction of his modern shopping mall and a super market.  

He also closed several pathways through the community play ground, which lead to the beaches. Birimumaaso claims that he secured a permit from National Forestry Authority- NFA to start his construction project. He explains that he decided to fence off the play ground after those using it started abusing it. Birimumaaso claims that last week, some goons claiming to be playing soccer at the community play ground raided Pearl Gardens Beach and stole two laptops, a camera and seven million shillings from tourists. The presidential adviser who spoke to URN on phone from Kalangala says that he was forced to compensate the tourists. He explains that since the community play ground has become a source of insecurity he has decided to take it over, since it is on part of his land. 

He says he has finalized plans to start constructing his shopping mall and super market. However, this has not gone down well with residents. Led by Sulait Lutakome, the Kalangala Town Council LC3 Chairman, the residents are demanding that Mulindwa razes down the fence around the community play ground because it has never been disposed of by the council. Lutakome explains that Kalangala town council has been directly maintaining the play ground since it is the only sports arena in the district. He says the play ground also hold various activities such as trade fares and exhibitions. 

Lutakome says they have given him Birimumaso a week to raze down the fence around the play ground or he will mobilize residents to demonstrate and forcefully remove it. Dicker Wittman, the proprietor Horn Bill Beach just opposite the disputed play ground accuses Birimumaaso of land grabbing because the land in question belongs to his beach. He claims that he left part of the space off his Beach for leisure purpose for guests at his beach. Wittman says that they agreed with Kalangala town council to research the play ground for sporting activities but he was surprised to see Birimumaso fencing it off.

He says the takeover of the community play ground will hurt the tourism sector in the district. Deo Kayiwa Nsereko, the Kalangala RDC says they have started investigating the takeover of the play ground.



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