Aspirant Wants Museveni To Step Aside During Elections

Roger Anyaku Obua says having a sitting president as a presidential candidate exposes the country to misuse of resources.
Richard Todwong, the Deputy Secretary General of NRM

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A presidential aspirant for the 2016 presidential elections, Roger Anyaku Obua has asked the Electoral Commission to ask President Museveni to temporarily hand over office so that he is at a leveled ground with other candidates. 

During a meeting Monday morning at the headquarters of the Electoral Commission in Kampala, the presidential aspirant said they do not have a leveled ground to favourable compete for the presidency against Museveni, because he controls all state resources and electoral processes. 

He wants the Electoral Commission to clearly define activities that constitute presidential duties from campaigns, saying this will be the only assurance that resources of the state are not misused for party activities. 

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However, Eng. Badru Kiggundu the chairperson of the Electoral Commission says it is not possible to separate roles of a presidential aspirant from a sitting president who has shown interest in contesting for another term in office. 

He says that by virtue of the president being the fountain of honour, such privileges cannot be taken away from him. 

Richard Todwong, the deputy secretary general of the National Resistance Movement says the law calls for the existence of a president at all times.

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The meeting was also attended by Gen. Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police; Fred Ruhindi, the Attorney General and several commissioners of the Electoral Commission.