Prisons Budget Prioritises Feeding, Medical care and Clothing for Prisoners

The Uganda Prisons Service budget for the 2009/2010 financial year, has ranked the welfare of prisoners as key priority.

The projceted budget stands at 15.2billion shillings. Most of the money will be spent on feeding, clothing and provision of medical care to prisoners.

Frank Baine, the Prisons spokesperson, is optimistic that if left unamended, the budget will be ample to improve prisoner welfare.

Baine says that the department hopes to increase maize and Soya bean growing.

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The prisons department also intends to rollout an Egg-per-week program for each prisoner, to improve on the nutritional needs of the prisoners.

The program has already been rolled out in Luzira and Kigo prisons.

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Last financial year, the prisons department budgeted for 90billion shillings but were only given 39 billion shillings to manage the over 30,000 inmates in their facilities.

According to Baine, in the next financial year, the prisons department would complete construction of Moroto prison, Kitalya prison and complete the relocation of Kiggo prison.

Baine says that when complete, the prisons would help ease congestions because Moroto prison would hold 500 prisoners, Kitalya would hold 400 while Kiggo prison would hold over 3,000 inmates.