Proposed Sale of Masaka Golf course Sparks off Rage

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The proposed sale of Masaka Golf course has sparked off rage among the sport fans in Masaka.
Masaka Municipality plans to lease out the 60-acre golf course to boost its revenue earnings. The course is located along Hospital Lane in Katwe-Butego division, near Masaka State Lodge.
Golf Lane Hotel owned by former Finance Minister Gerald Ssendaula and Tropic Inn Hotel have applied to take over the Golf course space for 900 million shillings. Both hotels claim they want to renovate the Golf Course and manage it privately for their Hotel visitors.
But members of Masaka sports club, Lottery and Lions clubs have vowed to block the planned sale of the golf course.
Cyprian Bwanika, a member of Masaka Sports club accuses the municipality of failing to use the facility to generate revenue for the council. Bwanika who served as Masaka mayor in the early 1980's says that Golf course used to attract hundreds of tourists during his reign.
He says that the municipality used to collect more than 20millions shillings monthly from tourists using the facilities.
Joseph Ssenzoga, who has been visiting the Golf course to swim and Play tennis, accuses leaders of Masaka municipality of greed. He says that leasing off the Golf course land will deprive the youth of their right to play and also destroy the town's beauty.
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But Masaka Municipal council authorities claim that they are leasing off the Golf Course because the municipality cannot maintain it.
Nick Byegira, Masaka town clerk says that the Municipal Council is currently scrutinizing applications of the two Hotels.
Nick Byegira says that the hotels are going to manage the facility. According to Kasibante Kibabilire, the municipality has been spending over 2.5million shillings to maintain the Golf course annually but there is no value for money.
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Established in 1962 by the British colonialists, the 60 acre Masaka Golf Course has never had any major renovation. It's teeing ground also known as the tee-box and its various holes where the golfer drops the ball, are also covered by bush.