Prostate Cancer Cases Rise Sharply

2,460 case of prostate cancer were registered this year alone, up from 1,824 cases registered in 2014.
Men aged above 40 years are advised to seek prostate cancer screening

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The number of men diagnosed with prostate cancer in Uganda is on a sharp rise. This year alone, 2,460 cases have been reported, compared to 1,824 cases recorded last year, according to sources at the Uganda Cancer Institute.

According to an oncologist at Uganda Cancer Institute, Dr. Fred Okuku, prostate cancer is now the most common cancer among men in Uganda.

Dr. Okuku says despite efforts against the disease, the increasing cases are putting pressure on the available facilities.

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Dr. Okuku explains that one of the challenges is that few men test for prostate cancer.

He says men should seek medical attention when they get symptoms such as pain and urgency to pass urine.

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In 2013, prostate cancer was the leading cause of cancer death among men in Uganda. This is because over 60 per cent of men diagnosed present with advanced prostate cancer when it has grown beyond treatment.

Dr. Fred Okuku says most men die of prostate cancer because the disease is slow on presenting symptoms.

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Dr. Noleb Mugisha, also an oncologist says that if detected early, prostate cancer can be treated and cured. 

Prostate cancer can be treated by curative surgery performed during the early stages of the disease, where the whole prostate is removed. 

Dr Mugisha explains the available procedure.

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Cue out...cancer cells. // Men who eat processed meat, drink alcohol and smoke are at a high risk of suffering from prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is an abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in prostate gland. The disease affects mainly men above 46 years. 

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