Rakai District Records Officer Killed in Human Sacrifice

A district official in Rakai is the latest victim of human sacrifice.
Police on Wednesday recovered the body of Fred Walugembe, the Rakai District Records Officer. His mutilated body was found near Rakai Nursing School.
Walugembe went missing on September 22nd. His disappearance was not investigated by the police.
Musisi Ssesanga, the Rakai Information Officer, says that several weeks ago students of Rakai Nursing School complained about a stench coming from a bush near their campus. He says the police on Wednesday morning mounted a cordon and search operation to find the cause of the smell. It was soon discovered that it came from Walugembe's decomposing body.
Ssesanga, who was part of the search team, says the body of the records officer was bady mutilated. His private parts, tongue and nose were cut off and were missing.
Fred Walugembe's body was stuffed in a sack and dumped into a narrow grave on top of an anthill.
The acting Rakai District Police Commander, Henry Kavuma, says the case is being treated as murder for human sacrifice. He says Walugembe's wife, Kizza Nakabugo, has been arrested in connection with the murder because a container of blood was found in her house.
Kizza Nakabugo is being held at Rakai Central Police Station. She has not publicly commented on her arrest. Her husband's body will undergo a post-mortem analysis before being handed to his relatives for burial.
According to the police, this is the first murder of this kind in Rakai District.