Rakai Livestock Markets Closed

Authorities in Rakai have closed all Livestock markets in the district because of the foot and mouth disease outbreak. Last week, the foot and mouth disease was observed in animals at Nababi and Kasanvu live stock markets in Kakuuto sub county.

As a result, Dr. Kiwanuka Kimbugwe, Rakai district veterinary officer, immediately imposed quarantine on the movement of livestock across the Mutukula border post.

Kiwanuka says they closed all livestock markets after realizing that the number of infected animals including cattle, goats and pigs was swelling.

He says that they also in intensified foot patrols to ensure that the quarantine is effective.

Kiwanuka says the compulsory isolation of animals will help to contain the spread of the disease to other districts during and throughout the Christmas season.

He blames the fresh outbreak of the foot and mouth disease on traders who bought infected animals from Isingiro and took them to Rakai. Kiwanuka appeals to local leaders and livestock owners in the district to ensure that all animals are vaccinated to stop further spread of the disease.

Foot-and-mouth disease is a severe, highly contagious viral disease of cattle and swine. The disease is characterized by fever and blisterlike lesions followed by erosions on the tongue and lips, in the mouth, on the teats, and between the hooves. Most affected animals recover, but the disease leaves them debilitated.

The viruses can be spread by animals, people, or materials that bring the virus into physical contact with susceptible animals.