RDC Orders Arrest of Fishing Enforcer Over Battering of Kalalangala Fisherman

Musana who was allegedly assaulted by FPU's Kabogere Zigga accusing him of using in illegal fishing methods was first rushed to Bukasa Health Center on 04th October, but his condition worsened as he was passing blood and was on the 10th October transferred to Kalangala HCIV

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Robert Musene, a resident of Lwanabatya landing site in Kyamuswa County of Kalangala District is nursing wounds  at Kalangala H.C.IV. He was allegedly assaulted by Kabogere Zigga who accused him of using in illegal fishing methods on the 4th of October/2020.

Musana was first rushed to Bukasa Health Center IV but his condition worsened as he was passing blood and on the 10th October, was transferred to Kalangala HCIV. Transport to evacuate the injured man was organised by the Subcounty  speaker, Ms Veronica Nakasiita.

Musene however dismisses the bad fishing accusation, saying he was arrested at Kabogere's bar where he was claiming for his balance. He alleges that his private parts were squeezed in torture, the the passing of blood. 

The assault and battery case was reported at Kyamuswa Police Post where Kabogere was released without any charge after brief detention, reportedly arguing that he was not liable for arrest by police because as a member of the military task force battling illegal fishing, he is subject to army procedure, not civil.

It should be remembered that in February 2017, President Museveni directed the army to fight illegal fishing methods after bona fide fishermen complained of over-exploitation of Lake Victoria. 

The Army formed the Fish Protection Unity (FPU) which selected members of the task force from community members to help them in operations. 

Since then, some illegal landing sites have been burnt and some residents have been beaten and filed their complaints with different authorities. 

The Kalangala RDC  Daniel Kikoola  who has been visiting Musene at Kalangala Health Center has ordered for arrest of Kabogere over his actions of assaulting fishermen in Kyamuswa. 

THe RDC says Kabogere is to be charged as an individual for violating Musevene's rights and not as task force member. 

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Residents of Kyamuswa County have been accusing the Fish Protection Unity task force members of brutality against citizens under the guise of conducting their operations.. 

Recently, FPU task force members from Kayunga in Mugoye Sub-County allegedly killed Gwayive Kazaayi, a fisherman from Lutoboka after he was caught using illegal fishing methods. 

Nakasiita Veronica the Kyamuswa County speaker says, Police is not living up to the public expectations of protecting them. 

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