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Re-Branding Can Change Uganda's Hotel Industry, Expert Says :: Uganda Radionetwork

Re-Branding Can Change Uganda's Hotel Industry, Expert Says

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Re-Branding could alter the visibly tilting Hotel industry business in Uganda, experts say.

Uganda's hotel industry has grown over years becoming a major contribution to the tourists sector. But analysts in the Hotel sector say currently Uganda has an uncoordinated and fragmented hotel brand identity.

Sajith Ansar, a Dubai –based business design and branding expert, warns that old hotels need to spruce up their image in order to stay afloat.

Sheraton and Serena are considered some of the brand hotels, but Anser says branding must extend beyond sticking a logo on building signage and letterhead, to tap into the psyche of customers in order to stimulate the highest level of interactivity.

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Anser, the founder of Spice Ideas, has found out that hotel marketing in Uganda is based on the traditional marketing principles of product, price, place, and promotion. He says many hotels do not tap into the psyche of customers.

Anser says that without branding, the once popular hotels may either be pushed out of business or be swallowed by new ones through mergers.

Anser says the strength of the hospitality industry in Uganda, can have a significant impact on Uganda's tourism sector.

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The tourism Sector has been one of the biggest foreign exchange earners but it has to been widely publicized to attract more foreign tourists.

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