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Rector Clarifies on Role of University Student Leadership :: Uganda Radionetwork

Rector Clarifies on Role of University Student Leadership

Prof. Gyagenda was responding to requests raised by the IUIU outgoing guild president Oguti Nasir, who had asked for some privileges to the guild leadership like being exempted from paying tuition and access to some allowances.

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The Rector of the Islamic University in Uganda -IUIU Professor Ismail Gyagenda has cautioned student leaders against seeking privileges as theirs is a volunteer role to serve the students' interests. 

The caution was made during the ceremony for swearing in the elected Guild President of the Main Campus.

The new president, Mr. Ssebunya Shafi, a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of food science, who was elected on 23rd March 2024 and has vowed to has vowed to champion policies like security, health and games and sports to change student’s welfare at the university, made the remarks during his swearing-in ceremony as the 37th Guild President of the 2023/2024 IUSU Government.

   The new president said he has a competent Cabinet ready to bring the change students have been yearning for.    

He calle upon students and university management to accept we work together to achieve their intendent targets.

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The IUIU Rector, Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda, who was the Chief Guest , thanked the outgoing students’ government for executing their duties diligently on behalf of the University Management, but explained the role of student leaders in any Academic Institution as to serve other students by ensuring that their Academic life given priority.   

Prof Gyagenda called upon the incoming student leaders to ensure that there are students' innovations by changing students’ attitudes, and warned students’ leaders to avoid amending the constitution to suit their interests.


Prof. Gyagenda was responding to quarries raised by the outgoing guild president Oguti Nasir, who had asked for some privileges to the guildship to be exempted from paying tuition and accorded some allowances. Gyagenda in response advised student leaders to desist from asking for money arguing that asking for pay violets the rule of volunteerism and community service.

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IUIU Guild leaders came into power through a student’s election after a vetting process conducted by Shura Committee.  Traditionally, the Shura Committee chaired by the Rector scrutinizes all academic, religious, and moral competencies of aspirants. The elective positions are Guild President, Lady Vice Guild President, Guild Speaker, Deputy Guild Speaker, Sports Minister, Deputy Sports Minister, Dawa Minister, and Deputy Dawah Minister.    

Naduku Gaisi the head of elections appreciated the entire election process which he called a success, and believe the incoming student’s leadership is in office by students' choice. 

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