Speakers Call for Peace and Good Governance

Sheikh Muhammed Osman Jawari, the Speaker of the Peoples House of Somalia asked the international community to stop interfering in local conflicts.
Speakers of the IPU-IGAD member states with other delegates at Century Hotel, Kamuli.

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Speakers from Intergovernmental Authority for Development-IGAD member states want their governments to heighten the fight against forces of instability, terrorism and cross border crime.


This came out during the 8th conference of the Inter-parliamentary Union of the Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IPU-IGAD) executive meeting held at Century Hotel in Kamuli, Uganda.



They included, Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of Uganda and Vice President executive council of IPU-IGAD, Sheikh Osman Mahammed jawari, the Speaker of People's House of Somali, Anthony Lino Makana, South Sudan and Ayisha Mohamed Ahmed, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Sudan among others.



During the meeting, the speakers and delegates discussed the worrying state of security in IGAD member states especially in South Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia among others. In their resolution, Speakers noted that there appears to be an orchestrated attempt to trigger instability in the region hence the need for member states to fight forces of instability.




They also noted that despite much being done to ensure peace and stability, the region continues to face formidable challenges of achieving peace, good governance and development. Anthony Lino Makana, the Speaker of the South Sudan Transitional National Legislative Assembly appealed for help to end the conflicts in his country and other member states.


He urged IGAD parliaments to support the transitional government of national unity and its efforts to restore peace and security in Africa's youngest state.

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Sheikh Muhammed Osman Jawari, the Speaker of the People's House of Somalia asked the international community to stop interfering in local conflicts. According to Jawari, Africa has its own culture which differs from messages of International organizations like the United Nations. 


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Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of Uganda said it is easy for conflicts and other kinds of instabilities to destroy peace compared to building a nation, which is a complex process.




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Nimo Boulhan, the Djibouti delegate called for constant engagement by the grouping on peace in the region so that issues of terrorism and conflicts are resolved.  

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