Religious Leaders Asked to Emulate Archbishop Janani Luwum

The Democratic Party (DP) President Nobert Mao has asked religious leaders to emulate the life of Archbishop Janani Luwum by challenging bad leadership.
Some Members of the Inter Religious council

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The Democratic Party-DP President Norbert Mao has asked religious leaders to emulate the life of Archbishop Janani Luwum.

Mao who was addressing a press conference at the DP offices said that the country is faced with bad leadership. He cited the kidnaps, murders, disappearances, brutality towards opposition among others which according to Mao, the late Archbishop condemned.  


On 16th February 1976, Luwum was murdered together with the former Inspector General of Police Wilson Erinayo Oryema, and former Defence Minister Charles Oboth Ofumbi for criticizing the excesses of Idi Amin's regime.

The regime was characterized by immense suffering, violence and abuses of human rights.

Mao asked the religious leader to emulate Luwum and speak out on the excesses of the state.

He said that religious leaders should be open and condemn the human rights violations by security personnel.

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Recently the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stephen Kazimba condemned the continued killings, torture and even kidnaps.

Previously the church has condemned the use of excessive force by the Uganda security among others.  


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