Religious Leaders Hail Buganda for Inviting Missonaries

The prayers which are part of the pre activities of the coronation anniversary are undertaken as a way for Buganda Kingdom subjects of praying to God, asking for longevity and good health of the Kabaka.
Kabaka's Subjects after prayers at Bugonga catholic church

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The Episcopal Vicar for Entebbe Vicariate Rev Fr Joseph Ssebayiga has commended Buganda Kingdom for involving missionaries in the introduction of civilization and religion in Uganda.  

Fr. Ssebayiga said was on Sunday speaking during a service at Bugonga Catholic Parish in commemoration of the 26th Coronation of Kabaka Mutebi, the 36th King of Buganda.

Kabaka Mutebi will celebrate his coronation anniversary at Nkumba University in Busiro County on Wednesday.  

Fr. Ssebayiga asked Ugandans to emulate Buganda Kingdom in the introduction of civilization by distancing themselves from acts of murder, torture and corruption.  

“We thank God that missionaries came on invitation of Buganda Kingdom through Kabaka Muteesa. They introduced civilization which we need to emulate and learn how to forgive and deter ourselves from acts of murder, theft and corruption,” Ssebayiga says.

In his message read by Mengo Minister Mariam Mayanja, the Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga prayed for good health of the Kabaka.

Mayiga also indicated that Buganda strives to have a healthy population that would enable kingdom subjects to work hard for prosperity.

   //Cue in: “Tuyozayoza nnyo Ssabasajja …

Cue out: … Ssabasajja Kabaka, awangaale.”//  

Earlier on Sunday, several leaders including the Entebbe Municipality Mayor Vincent Kayanja and the residents engaged in general cleaning activities along Entebbe road.

More than 10,000 people have been invited by the Kingdom to attend the coronation anniversary.  

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