Relocation of Kilembe Hospital Stirs Anger

Following the double flash floods that hit Kasese District early this month sweeping away infrastructure and most of the equipment’s of Kilembe Mines Hospital, the Kasese Catholic Diocese resolved to temporarily shift the facility to Kasese Town.
Hospital wards were left to silt

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The relocation of Kilembe Mines Hospital to Kasese town has angered residents of Kilembe Sub County.

Floods hit Kasese District two weeks sweeping away all the buildings of Kilembe Mines Hospital. The floods washed away the medical store, kitchen, surgery rooms, private wards, and the drug store.

Kasese Catholic Diocese then resolved to shift the facility to Kasese Town. The hospital is now housed at St Michael Kindergarten and Day Care Centre and Kasese Catholic Social Services Hall. 

However, the residents argue that the hospital has been relocated to an area that is not easily accessible.

Patrick Shamutsangira a resident of Masule village in Kilembe says that they have accessing health services at Kilembe mines hospital since the area lacks adequate health facilities. He says that residents residents can't trek for more than 8 kilometres to Kasese town to access medical services.

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Walyuba Kule another resident says that the absence of the hospital in the area will have a huge impact on the general health services of the community. He wants the district authorities and the management of the hospital to explain to the community the future of the facility.   

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Patience Mbambu, a resident of Masule village, says that it has been easy for pregnant women to access antenatal services at the facility. She wants the government to urgently renovate the hospital.

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Modesto Kamaate the chairperson for Kilembe sub-county notes that people who have been operating businesses near the hospital will struggle to survive.

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But the Kasese Municipality Godfrey Kabyanga, says that the relocation is temporary to allow renovation of the destroyed structures. He, however, declined to reveal when the renovation of the facility will start. 

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Cue out:… continue offering services.”//  

Onesmus Kibaya, the hospital administrator says that in the meantime, the facility will operate without placenta pits, incinerators and standby generators that were washed away by floods.

The hospital located on the banks of River Nyamwamba, is prone to flooding. In May 2013, the hospital was closed for three months after it was hit by floods.

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