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Report: Three Children Dumped Daily :: Uganda Radionetwork

Report: Three Children Dumped Daily

Nagawa says that they have collected more than 200 children since September last year.
Three children are abandoned in greater Masaka region each day, a report released by Maria Nagawa, the District Probation Officer has revealed. According to the report, the affected children are between 4 months and 9-years-old. She explains that the children are abandoned on the streets and tree shades by their parents in the night. Nagawa says that they have collected more than 200 children since September last year. She says that her department is now struggling with placing the abandoned children.

Nagawa says that even the few charitable organizations that support abandoned children have lost interest because of the overwhelming number of children and lack of funds. She says that the situation worsened after the closure of Buddukiro Children’s Restoration Out-reach as a result of donor aid cuts.Nagawa says that the district has not government aided home to harbor the recovered children, which has forced them to hand over some of the children to members of the community. She however, says that unfortunately some of the children get involved in child labor. Nagawa says that she is currently stuck with 26 children, who she has failed to place under any support group.


Michael Miiro, the Masaka District Rehabilitation Officer blames the increasing number of abandoned children to the rising cases of domestic violence, unwanted pregnancies, increased poverty rates and negligence by parents. He says that despite the fact that some of the parents of the abandoned children have been arrested and prosecuted, more children are dumped at their offices and police. Miiro says that he is also finding a huge challenge to raise money to support the children, because his office is only allocated meager resources. Masaka District Rehabilitation department receives 1.3 million shilling annually. He appeals to the central government to set up a remand home to accommodate these children.