Residents Assault Two UMEME Field Officers For Disconnecting Their Meters

Isa Abdu, a resident of Kisenyi A village, says that they were surprised to see the UMEME officers disconnecting their meter boxes without clear reasons.

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Two UMEME field officers are nursing injuries after being attacked by Busia residents for disconnecting their meters. 

The two officials whose names were not readily available were attacked in Kisenyi A village in the Western Division of Busia Municipality after residents found them on one of the poles disconnecting claiming that it has an illegal power connection.  

Some residents whose meter boxes had earlier on been disconnected and impounded by the UMEME officials rounded them up and beat them up. 

They confiscated some meter boxes that the Umeme field officers had impounded from other villages within Busia town.

Isa Abdu, a resident of Kisenyi A village, says that they were surprised to see the UMEME officers disconnecting their meters without clear reasons.

Luganda audio:  

//Cue in: "Okutubba meterbox...                   

Cue: abasaja babbi nyo abo,"//  

Irene Samuel, another resident, says that they are tired of the frequent UMEME operations in their area where they disconnect power lines, impound meter boxes and even make arrests yet they get the meters from UMEME offices.

She appealed to relevant UMEME authorities to re-organize their field officers and stop unnecessary operations that have left most people disorganized in the area.

Luganda audio:

//Cue in: "Bagamba mbu bu meter...       

Cue out:...tewali gwebatukiridde"//

Bernard Wandera, says that they reacted by beating up the UMEME field officers because they couldn’t listen to their explanations despite showing them proof that they are legitimate power users.  

Luganda audio:

//Cue in: "Tebaze yadde nne...        


Cue out:..umeme biri mugavument,"//

Mathew Tusubira, the Busia Deputy Resident District Commissioner, says that the Umeme field officers have filed a case of assault at Busia central police station. 

He faults the Umeme officials for failure to notify security about their operations to validate meter boxes in the area.

Both Luganda and English audio:

//Cue in: 'The only mistake....         

Cue out:..been warning them,"//    

Hilda Waiswa, the UMEME team leader declined to comment on the matter. 

The UMEME officers were still recording statements at Busia central police station by the time of filling this story.