Residents Demand Answers Over Ffefeka Sserubogo's Death

Sserubogo's death has since raised concerns among his supporters who claim that Sserubugo could have been murdered. They are demanding a clear report explaining what caused the death of their Chairperson.
Homicide police officers from Kayunga taking Sserubogo's body for a postmortem.

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Residents of Kayunga District are suspecting foul play in the death of Ffefeka Sserubogo, the LCV Chairperson Kayunga District.        

Sserubugo’s body was on Wednesday morning found hanging on a jackfruit tree behind his house located at Kyebanja, Kayunga Sub County.       His death has since raised concerns among his supporters who claim that Sserubugo could have been killed. They are demanding a clear report explaining what caused the death of their Chairperson. 

Jerome Kaweesi, a resident of Kyebanja wonders how the deceased composed himself to climb the tree without any possible support despite the fact he has been walking with the support of a crutch.     

//Cue in: “Omusajja omuzeyi asobola…    

Cue out: …bakikoze bakikoze”//        

The Kayunga District Vice LCV Chairperson Joel Kayiira, says that security personnel should carry out thorough investigations into the death of Sserubugo. According to Kayiira, although Sserubogo looked stressed in the past days, his death is suspicious.    

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Cue out: …kuwereza bannaffe”//    

However, Hadijah Nalumaga, the wife to the deceased believes that the husband could have committed suicide. She notes that Sserubugo returned home at around 7 pm but appeared depressed and refused to eat food.

According to Nalumaga, in the morning Sserubugo woke up around 6 am and told her that he was moving out to pray and asked her to prepare breakfast. Nalumaga, says that she was shocked when one of the casual workers told her that Sserubugo was hanging dead on a tree. 

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Cue out: …mirembe jjabadenga najjo”//  

She also says that the deceased was suffering from blood pressure.    

“Sometime back he fell sick and medical reports indicated that he had high blood pressure but he has never complained about anything causing stress to him before us. The sickness and stressful life started in the week he was sworn in as the district chairperson.”    

The Kayunga District Commercial Officer Collins Kafeero notes that for the past two weeks Sserubugo has been delegating most of the assignments to his vice-chairperson.      

“I am forced to believe that the chairperson has had a lot of stress piling in his head since even with his presence in the last meetings he has attended, it is his vice-chairperson who has been speaking on his behalf. He seemed not fine but we thought he would get better.” Kafeero notes.      

The deceased’s body was taken to Mulago hospital for a post-mortem. Hellen Kyomuhendo, the acting District Police Commander Hellen Kyomuhendo says the body will be handed over to the family after the post-mortem report.      

The Kayunga Residents District Commissioner Elijah Madoi has warned the community against unnecessary speculations surrounding the death of Sserubugo. He has asked the residents to remain patient and wait for the post-mortem report.      

In 2011, Sserubugo contested for the Mukono Central Division Mayoral seat on the Democratic Party-DP ticket and lost to Johnson Muyanja Ssenyonga. In 2016, the deceased again contested for the same position as an independent candidate and lost George Fred Kagimu of the DP.      

In January, he contested on the National Unity Platform-NUP party ticket and defeated Andrew Muwongo of the NRM party.    

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