Residents Demand Fresh Assessment of Property Damaged by Katosi Water Pipe Burst

Residents argue that several damaged properties were ignored yet they also need to be compensated.
Perimeter wall and part of the house destroyed by running water from Sogea pipe.

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More than 50 residents of Ssonde in Goma Division, Mukono District have asked for a new assessment of their property that was damaged by Katosi water pipe.

Two weeks ago, the pipe that delivers water from the Katosi Water Treatment Plant in Mukono District to the reservoir burstand waterflooded people's houses and plantations among others.

Although the engineers from Sogea Satom Limited later managed to stop the running water, residents’ properties were damaged.   Residents argue that several damaged properties were ignored during the assessment.

Daniel Sserunjogi one of the residents says only his perimeter wall was assessed, a septic tank got filled by water and a car engine stopped working.

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Cue out: ...nerekerawo okola”// 

Another resident Dorah Nakyaze says her cassava plantation was destroyed but the assessment team declined to compensate her saying it was ready to sell.

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Cue out: ...tobako kyogamba”//

Engineer Alex Esagala, the Director of Engineering Services at National Water and Sewerage Corporation-NWSC says that following the incident, there will be constant monitoring on the entire pipeline to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

He reveals that at different hills where big tanks are installed, security alarm systems will be installed to avoid a repeat of what happened.

Esagala appeals to residents to remain calm and assured them that the contractor has been instructed to compensate all affected people.

In June, one of the pipes going through Seeta town burst as it was being flashed leading to flooding. Water gushed from underground, damaging several properties and bringing business to a halt. The bust water pipe is found at a point where engineers had planned to release the flashed water into a drainage channel.